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Business Process of Creating Web Templates

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Every customer wishes to know all about the product he’s buying. He wants to be sure that it is perfect and meets all his demands. A lot of questions are on the tip of his tongue: Why does this product have such shape or color? Who approved it? What were the main criteria of its evaluation and price definition? Is this price defensible? And so on and so forth. However, in most cases he didn’t ask them for different reasons: personal interests of shop advisors, impossibility to verify their words, etc. That’s why everyone likes to be let into the holy of holies – the process of production.

In this article we’re going to make a tour of the Templates Flow workshop and lift the veil of secrecy from the process of web site templates creation. We’ll consider 10 phases of every template formation. They’re growing up before our very eyes, coming of age and leave our friendly family to find new one. We want to share our experience and pride with you. So, let’s start.

These 10 phases are organic and mutually connected. Any of them is an inseparable part of creative process. If you ever decide to deal with this sphere, read attentively in order not to miss some important aspects.

* Phase #1 – Marketing Research.

First of all we have to be sure that our child will be in great demand among the customers. Otherwise all our efforts and work won’t be worth a damn. To avoid such situation we should carefully investigate the final customer market, study all demands and wishes of our clients, etc. Results of such researches influence on the theme choice of the future templates. They must be topical and concerning the latest news. Only in that case we’ll get success.

* Phase #2 – Content Planning

After choosing the theme of the template we should think about its content. The main question at this stage is what information future web site will be carrying. It’s so-called structure of the site, because it’s well-known that every site has definite prevailing rules of its inner life organization. We have specialists responsible for that task. They follow all standards of content creation and know what information and sections should be in the site and what would be unnecessary. After finishing this part of the work the template is proceeded to the next stage.

* Phase #3 – Design

Now we’re deeply absorbed into the world of beauty. Unique ideas, bright solutions, innovative approches to the web design are the main characteristics of our designers. It’s the most creative stage in the whole process. Not everyone can cope with such tasks. It necessarily requires gift and experience. Our designers have them enough. But still they have to follow some unshakable truths – design must be original, simple and complicated in the same time, with easy navigation and without even allusion to the plagiarism.

* Phase #4 – Design Approval

Each final result of designer’s diligence is subjected to the strict test according to different criteria by our experts. They decide whether this design has right to be represented on the market or not. They take into account various aspects of the template design:

* originality and style
* conformity with the main purpose of a template
* scale must be original and background of the site should coincide with its theme.
* no plagiarism
* print must readable, formatted, of definite size and with various effects.
* simplicity and convenience of menue
* alternative navigation
* design of links, logotype etc
* developmental work of subpages
* quality of drawings and so on.

In case of some essential or inessential infringements, designers should remake it and correct all mistakes. Everyone likes perfection. And our company is not an exception.

* Phase #5 – Flashing

Every customer wants to have some unique peculiarities of his site. One of these distinctive features is flashing. Templates Flow professional staff of flashers diligently work at every project trying to find new bright solutions and unique ideas for animated add-ons to the future site.

* Phase #6 – Coding

Having successfully finished with the creative world, we pass on to the world of usual and earthy things such as coding. In other words our next task is to make our template function. It’s so-called page-proof. Each button, link etc. must work, and work properly. It’s final touches to the structure and design of our template. Now we’re on the last lap.

* Phase #7 – Quality Assurance

At this stage our experts decide the further fate of our template. They check it very attentively to pass the right sentence on it. They have no right for a mistake, because it’s their responsibility to answer for the quality of the template.

* Phase #8 – Price setting

It’s the most complicated stage of our process. No one has a firm belief that he can precisely fix the price of the template, because it’s the result of someone’s mental work and you know how it’s difficult to establish definite criteria and standards on one’s imagination and creative ideas. But still we have to do it. Our consultants responsible for the price setting estimate the type of the templates, presence of flash animation and and of course its appearance and design.

* Phase #9 – On-line Shop

At last our template has passed through all checks and tests and now it’s ready for the sale world. We place it in our on-line shop and wait for the customer.

* Phase #10 – Purchase Analysis

We are in the final stage of our tour. Our template has been purchased and we have only to make a general analysis of our work. What was made right? What were the mistakes if any? Have we gotten successful purchases and why? If not, what was the reason of our fail? What we should do to make it better? If we look at this questions, we’ll see that this phase is closely connected with the first one. Therefore, it’s not the end. It’s only beginning. We start our trip again.

As you see, our work goes on the circuit and our team is unbroken chain consisting of strong and stable links which of them tries its best for the final mutual result.

We hope you’ll like this article and it’ll help you while choosing a web template for your future site or creating your own Internet business dealing with templates creation.

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